You Got Questions ? We got answers


Will they stay put on a windy day?

Windy weather won't be an issue! Our magnetic eyelashes are designed to withstand windy conditions and even the blast from a hair dryer.

Are they safe for my natural lashes?

Absolutely! Our magnetic eyelashes are gentle on your natural lashes. Unlike traditional falsies that use adhesive, our lashes pose no harm to your delicate eyelashes.

What's the lifespan of these lashes?

While there's no exact timeframe, users typically enjoy our eyelashes for up to 1-2 years with proper care!

Are they lightweight?

Yes, indeed! QuickLash's Magnetic Eyelashes are incredibly lightweight, providing a comfortable feel akin to your own natural lashes.

Can I wear them while swimming?

Although the magnets are water-resistant, we advise against wearing them while swimming. However, they're perfectly fine for rainy days!


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